These days, many of us have the opportunity to work from home, some because we are self-employed, others because employers are trying to utilise their office space more efficiently and therefore have moved to ‘Smart Offices’ where desk sharing and working from home become part of everyday life. This helps to not only reduce the overheads of the space that the people inside the buildings take up, but also helps to reduce the cost of providing parking, which typically costs around £400 – £1,000 per year for each space.Working from home

If this cost is passed on to you, perhaps your employer offers a discount for only using your car parking permit four days a week instead of five and allows working from home?

If your employer currently provides parking for free but doesn’t allow working from home and you think they should, why not ask whether they’d consider it? You could provide some information to them about the benefits to employers such as improved productivity, greater commitment from staff and reduced overheads.

Of course, there are benefits to you as well, including reduced travel costs, better concentration, working around family commitments and time saving.

Why not take a look at the Work Wise UK website to read about the changing nature of the UK workplace and see whether or not your organisation could be working in a smarter way. If you think there are improvements that could be made, perhaps you might want to consider forwarding the link to to a decision-maker at your workplace?