Tesco trolleyIf you have a family, chances are, shopping can be a little stressful on occasion. Even when you have the benefit of being able to leave the kids at home, the weekly shop can take a big chunk of time out of your day, and isn’t it annoying when you forget something and have to go back for it later?

Plenty of people have already discovered the benefits of home deliveries from supermarkets; they’re often used around the busy Christmas period to save time when there’s so many other things to be done, but why not take advantage of the extra time all year round?

With regular deliveries cheaper than ever, and the ability to change your order up until the night before it’s delivered, you can add items to your ‘shopping basket’ as and when you think of them before ‘checking out’ and awaiting your arrival.

Most of the big supermarkets deliver to Silent Garden, such as:

ASDA            Ocado            Sainsbury’s            TESCO            Waitrose

Morrisons don’t deliver to Liphook just yet, but you can register your details with them and they’ll let you know when they start operating in the area.

Riverford Organic Farms operate an organic produce delivery scheme, supplying fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, store-cupboard items, and sweet treats! You can tailor the contents of the box according to your likes and dislikes – taking account of seasonal availability – and Riverford supply recipe suggestions to keep your menu interesting and make it easier to test out new ingredients.

Of course, supermarket deliveries are not the only thing that can reduce the need to travel for shopping; there are thousands of companies trading via various websites and you can often save money by using e-commerce sites. If you’ve never bought online before, sites like Amazon and eBay have a really wide range of products where you should be able to find most items that you would otherwise pick up in a bricks-and-mortar shop. Don’t forget to check whether free delivery is included; if it isn’t, why not try shopping around other sites to see if you can save money on postage and packing.