If you choose to travel by car, there are sustainable ways of doing so, and you can save money at the same time!

Car sharing is a great way of reducing your fuel costs and helps to reduce congestion on the road.shutterstock_57741787

Whether you have a car-full or are travelling solo, we’ve also provided you with some fuel-efficient driving tips to make savings on the go.

Another option which could help to reduce the stress of being stuck in traffic is to ask whether your organisation offers flexible working: this could mean that you are able to drive to work at a different time in order to avoid the morning rush hour.

If you are thinking about reducing the number of cars in your household but you wonder how you will get around those times when you really do need access to another vehicle, remember that the cost of using a taxi, or hire car for longer trips, can often still be almost as convenient and save you money over the long-term as owning an additional car. It also saves the hassle of arranging the MOT, Vehicle Excise Duty and Insurance, and you don’t need to worry about breakdown cover or maintenance/servicing either.

Apple Cabs are based at Liphook Station and can be contacted on 01428 722044

Courtesy Cabs pride themselves on a friendly and reliable service and can be reached on 01428 723723

There are plenty of other taxi services available to get you to and from Silent Garden; any search engine such as Google will be able to give you more options, and can also be used to find vehicle hire locations.