Part of Cove Home’s commitment to sustainable living is to give you a dedicated Travel Plan Coordinator who is able to help with your travel choices. Your Coordinator at ‘Motion’ can be reached via email and telephone. Contact details are also provided in the Silent Garden Travel Information Pack.

Personalised Travel Planning service is offered to assist you. The Coordinator works with you to look at your travel needs and understand the sort of journeys you make. Options will be then be investigated for new trips you may wish to make via rail or bus, by bike, or on foot, and to determine how you could substitute some trips you would usually make by car with active and sustainable modes. Incorporating into your lifestyle local leisure trips made by bike and on foot will increase your fitness levels and add to your enjoyment of where you live, as these modes provide you with the opportunity to build familiarity and thus connection with your surroundings. Switching just a few of the journeys you routinely make by car can yield benefits for your health, wealth and wider society.

As part of the Travel Plan for Silent Garden, your Coordinator administers and manages a Residents’ Travel Forum. This Forum is your opportunity to give feedback about your experiences travelling to and from Silent Garden, comment on a local travel issue, and stay in touch with local Councils as well as local bus and rail companies. The Forum meets every six months and will be of most use whilst there is active representation of Silent Garden residents. Please contact your Coordinator to get involved – you can use the form below.

Please feel free to get in touch any time, whether that be in relation to Personalised Travel Planning, holidaying without a car, or if you’d simply like to comment on a local travel issue.

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