Welcome to the Silent Garden
Travel Information Site


As part of Cove Homes’ commitment to minimise the impact of new development on the environment and to create vibrant, sustainable communities, this website has been prepared for residents of Silent Garden.


Here you will find information about how to choose active, sustainable travel for your journeys to and from Silent Garden, such as how to reach key local facilities on foot, by bicycle, and by public transport.

Using this information to make changes to how you travel will mean you can experience the benefits linked to active, sustainable travel, saving you money on fuel and vehicle maintenance, improving your health and fitness, and enhancing your positive connection to the area you live in.

Take a browse around these webpages and consider which options you would like to try.

Cycle sliderPerhaps you enjoy cycling but would like to know how to maintain your own bike, rather than pay someone else to service it?

Or maybe you’d like to meet new people at the same time as taking a scenic walk around the local area.

If you travel by car on your own, even changing your mode of travel just once a week can have a great effect, not only on your budget but also on your health.

Silent Garden residents have access to a Travel Plan Coordinator at ‘Motion’ who is available to assist with your travel enquiries.

The Silent Garden Travel Information Pack covers a wide range of useful details and tips, and includes contact details for your Travel Plan Coordinator.

We’re here to help! If you’d like some assistance navigating yourself around the abundance of information on the web, would like to comment on any issues that you face with regard to travel, or would just like to know the best way to get from A to B,
we are offering Personalised Travel Planning.

Just get in touch with your Travel Plan Coordinator at Motion:


01483 531 300

You could make this your homepage, meaning you will have easy access to your travel toolkit whenever you open your internet browser.

The objectives of this initiative align closely with the My Journey Hampshire project – you could also take a look at their website for even more help with getting around.